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Send us information about your upcoming public sale of Tarentaise or Tarentaise influenced cattle including; the date, place, contact name & number, type and number of Tarentaise cattle to be sold, and the ATA members offering the cattle. A summary will be listed on this page.



JVL Yankey - ATA #114 - Sired by ISTAMBUL, an ALPIN son.

WL Atlanta - ATA #272 - Sired by ATTILLA, out of an IGNACE cow. Great old-time genetics.

Semen priced at $3 to $4 per straw, depending on quantity ordered. Semen is stored at Hoffman AI breeders in Logan, Utah.

Contact: Barbara Taylor
P.O.Box 219
Inkom, Idaho 83245
Cell phone: 208-241-5157
Home phone evenings: 208-254-9315


Tarentaise Semen Available from ATA Members' Inventories

Go to "Animal Search" page on this web site, enter a registration number, and view the EPD's for the bulls in these inventories.

Owner: Phil Anderson

Polled Homozygous Purebred Tarentaise Bulls - DNA Proven - Semen for Sale

Contact: Phil Anderson
Avoca, Iowa

1) Hats Buddy R48 -Reg.# 212071
Breed color, DNA tested and proven Homozygous Polled. Moderate framed bull with many sons being used commercially and in purebred herds. His daughters are among the top cows in my herd. Most heifers calve to him safely. $15/straw

Hats Buddy R48 -    ATA Reg. # 212071 - Proven Polled Homozygous
Hats Buddy R48 - ATA Reg. # 212071 - Proven Polled Homozygous

2) AF Buddy 14T - Reg # 214811
Breed color, DNA tested proven Homozygous Polled. This bull was sold to a commercial operation and brought back to collect semen after being proven sure fire safe to use on heifers. Lots of muscle on a compact frame. $15/straw

AF Buddy 14T  -  ATA Reg. #214811  Proven Polled Homozygous
AF Buddy 14T - ATA Reg. #214811 Proven Polled Homozygous

3) Hats AF Special Edition X739 - Reg. # 217696
Breed color, DNA tested proven Homozygous Polled. Moderate framed, deep, thick bodied, linebred bull. So far all heifers are calving safely to him. This bull's future looks very promising. $15/straw

Hats AF Special Edition x739 - ATA Reg. # 217696  -Proven Polled Homozygous
Hats AF Special Edition x739 - ATA Reg. # 217696 -Proven Polled Homozygous

Owner: Ledahl Tarentaise - Brian Ledahl

9005 137th Ave NW, Zahl, North Dakota 58856
701-694-3511 or cell 701-570-1427
email: bledahl@nccray.com

Semen Location: At Owner's Farm - Discounts for Volume orders - about 600 straws from following 5 sires.

1) Diamond L Hugo Y25 - Registration #168441
Purebred Bull with a lot of progeny. Will add pounds to his offsprings' weaning weight and yearling weight.
2) C-C Black Selector 100 - Reg. #186372
Purebred Black Scurred Bull - will add pounds for weaning weight and yearling weight,plus great maternal.
3)Garner G55 T608 - Reg. #194146
Purebred Black Bull that had been shown in Denver as a yearling.
4) Krusader's Reflection - Reg. #163
Fullblood Bull - I don't know much about this Bull, but I have used his semen and was impressed by his bull calves.
5) Krusader - Reg. #65

Owner: Hat Ranch - Doug Honold

2261 B Ave., Coon Rapids, IA 50058
712-684-5216 or cell 712-210-3202
email: hatranch@gliddenwildblue.com
Location of semen: Hawkeye Breeders, Adel,IA

1) Hats Copycat J60 - Registration #202750
Smaller frame, thick, & proven calving ease for heifers. Polled.
2) VF Hats Rockaway K167- Reg. #205407
Rockaway is a polled bull that sires medium frame with a lot of thickness. His daughters are the top cows in the herd. He has many sons out working for commercial herds. Use him on your cows.
3) HR Hat Topper 728P - Reg. #210825
A heifer bull with a lot of natural thickness. He is a polled bull & a grandson of Rockaway.
4) W-W Farms Mike (HAT) - Reg. #208700
Sire is fullblood bull. Mike is polled bull that sires super daughters with a punch of growth.

Owner: Paradise Ridge Tarentaise - Bill Armbrust

8606 N. 216th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022
email: paradiseridge@earthlink.net

1) TC Polled Titantic 731 - Registration #195505 - 5.8 frame bull that bends the curve between calving ease and weaned weight better than any in the ATA Sire Summary. 2.7 BW EPD and 45 WW EPD. Adds length, udder quality, longevity, and is polled.
2) PRT Lazerus L116 - Reg. #206943 - 4.5 frame proven calving ease bull with overall quality and moderate muscle. Scurred but throws some horns. Safe to use on heifers. His Dam has 13 calves. Sired by GHF U-Bet C81.
3) Reg 45 Hats Mileage - Reg. #204368 - Reggie is Polled 4.8 frame meat wagon with guts and length. Moderate birth weights and very stylish calves. Use on proven cows to add thickness and muscle.
$15/straw - located at Vogler's Semen Centre- Ashland, NE.
4) GHF Master A-9 - Reg. #177736 - Polled and stylish 6 frame bull sired by Polled Master and maternal grandsire is Diamond L Invader U-14. Sire of TC Titanic and many other great bulls.
5) VF Hats Rockaway K167 - Reg. #205407
$10/straw - 2 canes available
6) Boby - Reg. #3
Make an offer. 8 ampules available.

Collier Farms - Robert Collier

1656 80th Ave. NE, New Rockford, North Dakota 58356, 701-674-3240, colliertarentaise@hotmail.com

Collier Farm has semen for sale on four bulls that have impacted the Tarentaise breed. Contact us for price or more information

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Boby's Successor
GHF Copy Cat

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